Carmona is situated on some small escarpments at only 30 kilometers from Seville. Its origins date back to Neolithic times and plenty of valuable prehistoric sites have been found in its vicinity. The Roman Vía Augusta, known as ‘El Arrecife’ during Medieval Times,  went  all  the  way  through  Carmona  and  we  can  still  admire  some  remains  and  a  Roman bridge dating back to this epoch. The current town plan, which is still partly following the Roman standards, are testimony of the mayor impact of  the Romans peculiar to this epoch. The  town  maintained  its  importance  during  nearly  500  years  of   Muslim  domination, and even became the capital of  one of  the Taifas (small kingdoms). King Pedro I (the Cruel) had a predilection for the town and so Carmona benefited greatly during his reign. The Alcázar de la Puerta de Marchena (Fortress of the Marchena Gate) was expanded and became one of his favorite residences. In 1630 Felipe IV granted Carmona the title of “city” and more recently, in 1869, one of the first attempts to create a Federal Republic was realized here. Subsequently, the draft of the Statute of Andalusia was written at the Carmona Parador in 1981. Its marvelous surroundings, priceless historical heritage and abundant polyvalent facilities ensure you an outstanding experience.

Carmona has a great variety of high quality facilities for all your meetings and events. Assuring a professional collaboration and a fluent reception of invitees, local establishments and sector specialists will be there with you every step of the way. The  patrimonial,  cultural  and  natural  heritage  of   Carmona  forms  the  perfect  scene and promises a pleasurable and enriching stay. Its nature-based activities, marvelous historical sites and exquisite typical gastronomy would make any encounter worth the visit.

Arrival to Carmona

Carmona is located at about 20 Km from Seville airport and about 25 km from Seville Railway station. If requested, the travel agency will provide bus or taxi transportation from Seville airport and railway station for Augusts 1st and back for August 5th and 6th. If traveling by car, Carmona can also be reached by the national highway nº IV.

Hotel Alcázar de la Reina

With over 1400 m2 of meeting spaces, the Hotel Alcázar de la Reina is prepared to organize and assist with the set-up of all meetings and events. The hotel is situated in a magnificent building with various patios and lounges. At two steps from its front side you can find a lookout that allows you to relax while enjoying the wonderful views of the Vega (Guadalquivir river valley) and the rest of the idyllic landscape. Since the hotel is located in the historical center of the town guests can easily visit Carmona ́s stunning monuments like churches, convents, mansions, alcazars and museums. It possesses 68 bright and spacious rooms, and disposes of various facilities such as sauna, pool, restaurant, pub, solarium, parking and internet connection.

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